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The business and management part of this techno-management festival, Corporate events give you the perfect platform to present your business ideas and startups along with other marketing skills like salesmanship, data analysis, etc.

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Remember Leonardo DIcaprio’s famous dialogue “Sell me this pen”? Make-o-Sale provides you an amazing opportunity to test your creativity and marketing skills to present your product in the most enthralling way.

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Startup Showcase

Startup Showcase is a platform which provides budding entrepreneurs to pitch their startup ideas to experienced venture capitalists who will not only judge you but mentor you in your long run. You also get a chance to find funding to build your startup from infancy to a full grown tree.

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B-Plan is a golden opportunity for aspiring entrepreneurs to present their ideas. It is an ideal platform to pitch your ideas and get valuable insight from leading venture capitalists and stand a chance to receive mentorship from the people who knows the ins and outs of the corporate industry

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Virtual Stock Market

Have you ever wanted to buy and sell stocks but did not want to risk your money? Here in Virtual Stock Market, you can do this for free and also get prizes in return.

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North East Case Challenge

In the world of Entrepreneurs, let's do a case study on Entrepreneurship. Come with the exicting ideas and solutions for the problems faced by the entrepreneurs of the world.

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Data Analytics

Data Analytics Hackathon is a unique event designed to spread awareness about Data Science and encourage new talent to join the field by focusing on developing Data Science solutions for prominent industry challenges.

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