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General Championship

A competitions in which teams battle it out against each other in Corporate, Techolympics and Robotics events to see who becomes the best team. A place where successful and awe-inspiring people, all wealthy with wisdom, from around the globe, gather to tell their story. Attend, indulge, and Change Your Life!

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General Championship is a competition in which teams present their skills in a diverse domains, bag as many points as they can by bringing in the best in the fields, to take home the General Championship Trophy. It is a combination of three of the most budding sectors in this generation Business, Science and Technology. Events are formulated from the modules conducted during Techniche namely Corporate, Techolympics and Robotics.


  1. Winning any event will give you 100% of the GC points of the event, while being 2nd and 3rd will give you 80% and 60% of GC points respectively.

  2. Participating in any event automatically provides you with 10% of the GC points assigned to the event.

  3. Every team must have a contingent leader, who must accompany the team to IIT Guwahati and would be contacted on behalf of the team.

  4. Only the team with GC points more than 1000 will be eligible for the General Championship.

  5. Along with the general championship trophy, this year the team with maximum participation will be awarded by a trophy as well.

  6. The rules applied to the individual events will be provided on their webpages and must be abided by.

  7. Take note that the competitions may happen simultaneously and bring participation accordingly


  1. Case Study (400)

  2. Data Analytics (600)

  3. Make-o-Sales (200)

  4. Nitro Rally (600)

  5. Stack-it-up (400)

  6. Codescape (400)

  7. Speculate (400)

  8. Cryptophobia (400)

  9. Emulate (200)

  10. Build to Last (200)

  11. Cubemania (200)

  12. Mechanema (200)