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A phenomenal platform to hear breath-taking keynote lectures by distinguished individuals. A platform where successful and awe-inspiring people, all wealthy with wisdom, from around the globe, gather to tell their story. LS is that one event where lectures aren’t dreary, but exciting, unique, and incredible. Attend, indulge, and Change Your Life!

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Paul Arion
Paul Arion leads the world of Visual Effects and Computer Animation as the Global Head of Layout at DNEG. Working for Blade Runner: 2049, The Jungle Book and First Man, Arion successfully led them to Oscar for Visual Effects. Other movies under his portfolio are Avengers: Infinity Wars and Endgame, Thor: Ragnarok, Men in Black: International, Bohemian Rhapsody. He is also a part of the upcoming trilogy Brahmastra.
Gopalan Madhavan Nair
G. Madhavan Nair is a Space Technologist. He is a Padma Vibhushan awardee and has spent his life for the development of Space Technology and its application to national development. During his tenure as the Chairman of the Indian Space Research Organization from 2003-09, he successfully accomplished 27 missions, including the PSLV-C5 and PSLV-C6. He led India’s GSLV successfully to fruition as the Director of ISRO’s Largest R&D Centre.
Nicholas Opie
Dr. Nicholas Opie is a Biomedical Engineer from the University of Melbourne. He has been at the centre of the development of Stentrode, a device which has the potential of replacing open brain surgery. Dr. Opie is the CTO of Synchron, a company dealing in bionic technology. He was awarded his PhD for research developing a Bionic Eye.
Vasudev Kalkunte Aatre
A Padma Bhushan and Padman Vibhushan recipient, Dr. V. K. Aatre is an Indian Scientist and former Head of India’s premier Defense Research and Development Organization, DRDO. In 2000, Dr. Aatre succeeded Dr. Abdul Kalam himself as the Director General of DRDO, serving the sole Scientific Advisor to the Defence Minister.
Pete Michels
Pete Michels is an American animation director who has directed a plethora of shows from “Rick and Morty”, “Family Guy” to “The Simpsons”.He started working on The Simpson’s in 1990 as a background layout artist. He worked his way up to character layout artist, timer, assistant director and then director. He also has been nominated for a primetime emmy award for ‘Outstanding Animated Program’.
Murli Manohar Joshi
Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi is a former Professor of Physics, a former Member of Parliament and a Padma Vibhushan recipient. He was the former President of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and one of the leading Politicians of India, having served as the Human Resource Development Minister. Having completed his B.Sc., M.Sc. and PhD, he is the publisher of a Physics paper in Hindi, a first of its kind feat. The subject of his doctoral thesis was Spectroscopy.


Father of Nanotechnology

Dr. Subramanya Swamy

Head of Department, Experimental Physics, CERN

Marlon West

Head of Effects, Animation, Walt Disney


Project Leader, Large Hadron Collider, CERN


Head, LIGO Observatory

V. K. Saraswat

Former Director General, DRDO


First Woman IPS Officer


Nobel prize in Chemistry 2009